Carlos Macias grew up in Los Angeles, California.  At the age of 12 years old, he picked up his first homemade machine in his mothers kitchen. He began to tattoo anyone and everyone in the LA County Area.  Who would have known a 12 year old boy in his moms kitchen would now be known world wide for tattooing what he is now known for. From his famous eyelids to face tattoos. Freestyle block buster letters to his point blank gangster shit. He’s gotten awards worldwide from letters to black and grey. He has left his mark on this world and this is just the beginning, it’s his passion for the game that has sent him to places like Asia, Europe, and Brazil.  Carlos Macias opened up Cryptic Tattoo in 2010. Azusa, California has become home to many talented artist who take much pride in their work and creativity. A caliber of work from black and grey realism, lettering, traditional, Japanese/Asain inspired art and that fine line. All are welcome to come visit the Tatted Fucks of Southern California.